Castleknock Community College - New Website is Live!

After two revisions of their school website in the last 10 years, Carmel O'Neill (DP) at Castleknock Community College has learned the key lesson for building a school website. She has a vision. Not just her own vision, but a shared vision of the parents and staff about how they wanted to use their website as an effective communication tool. The web committee at the school took the time to think about the needs of the interested parties, about all the people who would use the website and how they would use it.

Brand New School Prospectus

It’s early October and schools are now back into the swing of things after the summer holidays. Just as the first years are now settling into their new school, school administrators have to start thinking about the new cohort of first years for next year. A positive message about your school to potential new entrants must be communicated. After all, school is not just about lessons, loud kids and angry teachers! It’s time to make sure the general public knows this!

Your first day in the biggest school in Ireland | Belonging Plus

Belonging Plus in Gorey Community School

Everyone remembers their first day. For some it is a positive, exciting experience, for others it can be little daunting, a big adjustment. We have just finished working on the 2013/2014 edition of the Belonging Plus workbook for the first year students in Gorey Community School in Wexford. Gorey CS is the largest school in the country, with well over 1,000 pupils. The staff working at the school recognise that new first years can be intimidated by such a huge change.