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Learning to Learn Programme – Student Workbook

The Learning to Learn workbook is designed to assist students in knowing themselves better as learners, being more organised and confident along with having a proven study system and approach to learning.

This workbook may be used to accompany the Learning to Learn programme delivered by teachers during Junior Cycle or used independently by the young person.

The content is designed as a practical resource for students. There are four key sections:

  • Transitioning and learning – Exploring the key skills and behaviours for learning assisting the student into setting into secondary school.
  • Goal setting and study – Students explore the mindset and skills for achievement in their academic studies.
  • Study and assessment preparation – Students develop effective pre-assessment and assessment techniques aimed at improving performance and reducing stress.
  • Study Journal – This is a results focused time management tool designed to help students increase their productivity, effectiveness and application to their study.

Each lesson has a mixture of learning points and associated practical exercises using examples from a variety of subjects being studied by the students. Opportunity is provided at the end of each lesson and each section to reflect on their learning and its application to their studies.

The Learning to Learn workbook also helps students to:

  • Have a better understanding of themselves as learners.
  • Develop a stronger sense of self efficacy and capacity to improve.
  • Implement and practice practical skills and strategies that will aid their learning and study.

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